The Centre personnel work in close contact with numerous Departments of LAIKO G.H.A. as well as Departments of other hospitals and Private Diagnostic Centers.

LAIKO General Hospital of Athens

  • 1st Department of General Surgery, (Scientific Supervisor: Professor Ev. Felekouras)
  • 2nd Department of General Surgery, (Scientific supervisor: Assoc. Professor G. Sotiropoulos)
  • Gastroenterology Unit, Department of Pathophysiology, (Scientific supervisor: Assoc. Professor S. Sougioultzis)
  • 1st Department of Pathology, (Scientific Supervisor: Professor St. Theocharis)
  • Department of Biochemistry, (Scientific Supervisor: Professor Aggeliki Papapanagiotou)
  • Department of Cardiology, (Scientific Supervisor: Dr. G. Anastasiadis)
  • Department of Nuclear Medicine, (Scientific Supervisor: Dr. An.Velidaki)
  • Department of Radiology and Invasive Radiology, (Scientific Supervisor: Dr. C. Vergadis)
  • Division of Clinical Dieticians, (Scientific Supervisor: Dr. L. Poulia)

Evangelismos Hospital

  • Department of Pathology, (Scientific Supervisor: Dr. D. Rontogianni)

 ATΤIKOΝ General Hospital of Athens

  • Department of Nuclear Medicine, (Scientific Supervisor: Prof. S. Chatzhioannou)
  • 4th Department of Internal Medicine, (Scientific Supervisor: Dr. A. Koumarianou). Dr Koumarianou is also currently a member of the Advisory Board of ENETS

General Hospital of Athens Gennimatas

  • Department of Gastroenterology, (Scientific Supervisor: Dr. I. Karoumpalis)

Army Share Fund Hospital (NIMTS)

  • Department of Gastroenterology, (Scientific Supervisor: Dr. E. Vlachou)

Foundation of Medical-Biological Research of the Academy of Athens

  • Department of PET/CT,(Scientific Supervisor: Prof. S. Chatzhioannou)

Diagnostic Centers in the Private Sector-Athens

  • Department of CT/MRI, BIOIATRIKI Diagnostic CenterPeristeri, Athens (Scientific supervisor Dr. D. Kolomodi)