Patient-centred care

The communication between the physician and the patient is a basic prerequisite for practicing medical science and providing a high level of health care. Patient-centered care is internationally the essential concept of quality, as all the resources of the Hospital focus on the satisfaction of individual needs equally for each patient. The interaction that is created, between caregivers and patients, in this way, leads to the best possible result.

The policy of the Center for Neuroendocrine Tumors is to provide high quality medical care equal to the needs of all patients based on the use of modern technologies, methods and practices.

For this purpose, the cooperation and participation of the patient in the making of therapeutic decisions is considered necessary and includes:

  • Keeping him informed about the disease, the probable complications that may occur and the available treatment options and
  • The setting of treatment goals after the informed consent of either the patient himself or his legally authorized representative

The patient actively participates in the management of his disease and develops a proper physician-patient relationship, in which the treating physician can and adopts a patient-centered approach to treatment, aiming at continuous and long-term care.